Welcome to Your FlexDesk 

India's first-ever helpdesk for women consultants and freelancers, by Flexing It®. 

Freelancing can be a very satisfying and sustainable career. However, the number of women leveraging expert freelancing in India is much lower as compared to the global average. Our research shows us that:

  • Only 18% of women are currently leveraging freelancing as a source of quality and trusted work.
  • There exists a difference of 30-35% in fee levels on average between men and women freelancers.
  • Only 12% of women consultants check external benchmarks to determine their project fees and > 50% would just accept the given project budget.

Flexing It is India's largest platform that curates high-quality projects for business consultants, on demand. We aim to solve for these and many more challenges faced by our women consultants. Our helpdesk is  designed to enable the success of a woman consultant in her freelance journey.

Ready to use resources for you

We have curated special guides and resources to solve for the most common queries and tools to help you grow your freelancing business. Write to us to access these guides and many more.

The first customer benefit


  • How to start your freelancing career as a woman professional.
  • Top 5 mistakes to avoid as a woman consultant.
The second customer benefit


  • Pricing your project the scientific way with FeeBee.
  • Onboarding Handbook.
The third customer benefit


  • Testimonials from women consultants.
  • Master your capacity as a consultant.
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"I got the lead for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through FlexingIt® and I ended up consulting with them for six months. I also used FlexingIt® to assess typical freelance consulting rates that I could charge my clients. I would highly recommend partnering with FlexingIt® in case you are looking for meaningful full time or part time gig opportunities.

Shravni Jain, Uber India